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Wrestlemania X Recap (Latest Update)
Man, 10 years of Wrestlemania. This one has two fantastic matches, two that are alright and the rest are barely adequate. So a pretty standard Wrestlemania


Royal Rumble 1994 Recap
I didn’t actually have a working DVD for this one, making it my quickest recap ever. I can’t remember the ending, but I think Doink the Clown wins (Pictured above being horribly and hilariously assaulted by Diesel

Survivor Series 1993 Recap
I’m going to assume that the mere sight of the vaguely confused, vapid 123-Kid is enough to entice anyone to read this recap.  No?  This event had a great wrapper of opening and closing matches with a very disgusting middle.  Not unlike a Jelly Donut.

SummerSlam 1993 Recap
Tons of wrestlers make their PPV debut. 123 Kid… okay, that’s actually it. But Bret Hart is also in it

King of the Ring 1993 Recap
It’s the very first (sort of!) King of the Ring! Something was needed to wash out the horrible taste of Wrestlemania IX failure and this did the trick!

Wrestlemania IX Recap
Does something stink in here? Is it the chloroform that Giant Gonazalez used on the Undertaker, or is it just this horrible event?

warrior victory
Top 5 Ultimate Warrior Matches Of All Time

He wasn’t the best technical wrestler of all time, but he sure did know how to put on a show

Royal Rumble 1993 Recap
This is the point where I’d normally type something that would encourage you to read this review, but wow, was this ever a crappy PPV.  Hey, look at the picture.  If that Blue Moron doesn’t get you interested, I don’t know what else will.

bret hart
Survivor Series 1992 Recap
There is barely any Survivor Series to speak of here!  There is however a ton of Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels and Undertaker vs. Kamala (again).  This also marks the PPV debut of Yokozuna

SummerSlam 1992 Recap
This has two fantastic matches – Warrior vs. Macho Man (again) and Bret Hart vs. Davey Boy. Also starring The Undertaker!

Wrestlemania VIII
It wouldn’t be a Wrestlemania if Tito Santana wasn’t losing. Also, the bizarre and poorly-executed return of the Ultimate Warrior (hey, I just described his whole wrestling technique!)

Royal Rumble ’92
The best Royal Rumble that the WWE has ever produced in the history of the event? Really? Read on and find out if that’s true!

Hogan Undertaker
Survivor Series ’91
The first and only PPV match between Hogan and the Undertaker.  Undertaker beckons you to read the review.  Hogan… struggles desperately for air, I guess.

SummerSlam ’91
Featuring the historic Intercontinental match between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect.  Also – get a load at the size of that feather.  That’s crazy

Wrestlemania VII (1991)
Patriotism is at an all time high for Wrestlemania VII!  Hogan takes on Sgt. Slaughter!  Ultimate Warrior against Macho Man Randy Savage in one of the top matches in Wrestlemania history!  Simultaneously, Jake “The Snake” Roberts stars in one of the dumbest matches in Wrestlemania history

Undertaker Rumble
Royal Rumble ’91
The first Royal Rumble starring the Undertaker!  Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho Man!  Does Koko B. Ware finally win a match (hint: ha ha, oh god no)

Survivor Series ’90
Tito Santana is all over this update.  Also – Ultimate Warrior does his best John Cena Impersonation!  Oh yeah, and some relative unknown named “the Undertaker” shows up

Piper SummerSlam
SummerSlam ’90
Sexy, sexy Rowdy Roddy Piper wants you to read this review.  This is the first PPV that the Ultimate Warrior headlined.  How did he do?

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